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The heart is one of the most important organs in the body – even a minor issue related to its functioning may cause detrimental effects. Symptoms like chest discomfort, shortness of breath, pain or numbness in the legs or arms, swollen feet, etc., can mean that the blood vessels in those body areas have become narrow. Sometimes, more than one condition may weaken the heart. Unfortunately, not many people take these conditions seriously, and heart issues go undiagnosed until they have a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, it is crucial to watch for heart symptoms regularly and discuss any concerns with your physician.

Heart disease is one of the most dreaded diseases, but it can be avoided by managing the risk factors that may lead to further complications. You should go for regular check-ups if you have signs of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and blood glucose, even if you are still in your 20s.

Calwin Hospitals is one of the most reputable heart hospitals in Nagercoil, specializing in cardiovascular disease. Our cardiologists advise patients on medications, precautions, and further tests depending on their symptoms. In urgent medical scenarios, the doctor may perform cardiovascular procedures and provide you with emergency care and services. Visit us!

While managing risk factors is the best way to avoid heart-related complications, you should undertake routine health checks. Let us understand the role of a cardiologist and the importance of a heart care hospital near you.

What’s the Role of a Cardiologist?

Known in familiar terms as a heart doctor or heart specialist, a cardiologist primarily specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases affecting the heart, arteries, and veins. When you visit a doctor with chest pain, unusual pulse rate, breathing difficulty, swollen feet, nausea, dizziness, etc., he may refer you to seek immediate treatment from an experienced cardiologist. The cardiologist may advise you to undergo specific tests depending on your symptoms. Apart from your medical history and lifestyle patterns that affect your health parameters, these tests will help the cardiologist monitor your risk of heart disease.

When to Visit a Cardiologist?

A general physician refers patients to a cardiologist if symptoms or test reports display immediate or oncoming distress to the heart. An experienced cardiologist can point out specific health-related red flags signalling that your heart needs a thorough check. Visit Calwin hospital to consult the best cardiologists in Nagercoil.

Heart Hospitals Nagercoil

Family History of Heart Disease

Heart conditions can be inherited and hence need to be closely monitored by your cardiologist to notice any pattern that can be checked.

Congenital Heart Disease

Kids born and treated for congenital heart disease (CHD) require continued care through the guidance of a cardiologist to improve their quality of life.

High Cholesterol

This could be one of heart disease’s most significant risk factors.

High Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure is unusually high, you must control it immediately, as it can potentially lead to heart disease and stroke.


Research has shown that adults with diabetes are more likely to have heart disease, as it has been listed as a significant risk factor. Your cardiologist can help you take control and improve your health.


Smoking increases the risk of developing heart disease as the chemicals in cigarette smoke cause your blood to thicken. The thick blood can form clots inside veins and arteries, creating a blockage that can lead to heart attack and sudden death.

Sedentary Lifestyle

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle for personal or professional reasons, inactivity can accumulate fat in your arteries. The clogged arteries can get damaged over time and obstruct the passage of blood to your heart, leading to a heart attack. Consider an exercise regimen with the help of a cardiologist, as all forms of exercise might not be safe for certain heart conditions.

How Does a Cardiologist Treat Heart Conditions?

When a patient visits a cardiologist with a heart-related issue, the doctor may do a physical examination, listen for any irregularities in the heart, and discuss any current relevant and concerning symptoms. The doctor will explain your heart issue and discuss medication, diet, or procedures to treat the diagnosed condition. To understand your heart condition, the cardiologist may suggest an electrocardiogram, known as ECG, exercise stress tests, x-rays, blood tests, and sometimes
biopsies. The test reports will help the cardiologist to diagnose abnormalities, heart, and coronary artery conditions, or congenital heart defects.

Calwin hospital is a world-class multispecialty heart care hospital in Nagercoil that offers the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options. Our team comprises the best cardiology doctors who regularly perform some of the most advanced therapies for cardiovascular disease utilizing the latest technology. Some cardiologists specialize in one or more aspects of heart treatment.

Non-invasive Cardiologists

Non-invasive Cardiologists examine and perform cardiology consultations and order and interpret stress tests or ECGs. Based on their diagnosis, you will be offered a line of treatment through medication and lifestyle changes. They may also refer a cardiac surgeon if necessary.

Interventional Cardiologists

Interventional Cardiologists deal with heart conditions that need intervention, like coronary artery disease, heart valve disease, and peripheral vascular disease. They help you with angioplasty and stent placements, embolic protection, atherectomy procedures, and mitral valve repairs.

Non-interventional Cardiologists

Non-interventional Cardiologists are similar to non-invasive cardiologists but can perform minor operations if required.

Electrophysiology Cardiologists

Electrophysiology Cardiologists are also known as heart-rhythm specialists. They can place pacemakers, defibrillators, etc., under the skin for sensing, pacing, and shock delivery. They also perform procedures to treat heart rhythm disorders.

Why Choose Calwin Hospital?

Calwin hospital has experienced and skillful heart specialists in Nagercoil. Our stellar team of cardiologists and interventional surgeons carry out all vital cardiac treatments. Our panel of health experts is renowned in their specialization and has proven and excellent track records.

As a renowned heart care hospital in Nagercoil, we pride ourselves on quality in terms of design and patient care and the most state-of-the-art medical and surgical procedures. Our medical, paramedical, and general staff ensure that every patient has access to the necessary infrastructure facilities for the latest prevention, diagnosis, and treatment procedures.

With a leading Cardiologist at its helm of affairs, Calwin hospital is a 35 bedded multispecialty hospital. It offers several packages designed to make a health check-up affordable to everyone. Our panel of highly qualified and experienced specialists assures you of 100% accurate diagnosis and a well-planned and discussed treatment plan for all kinds of ailments.

To book an appointment with one of the leading heart hospitals in Nagercoil, call Calwin hospital at
+91 93616 62200. We can answer all your queries regarding heart care treatments and patient care at our facility.


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