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Calwin Hospitals is committed to diagnosing and treating various neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, epilepsy, paralytic disorders, and stroke. They also help manage neurological problems like multiple sclerosis, headaches, and autism. The Department of Neurology is headed by the best neurologist in Nagercoil with help from leading surgeons, physicians, clinical care staff, and allied healthcare professionals.

As one of the best neurology care hospitals in Nagercoil, we have performed thousands of procedures and treated millions of patients. We provide comprehensive and affordable care with an established and well-equipped lab and the latest equipment for prompt diagnosis and early intervention. Our neurologists are trained from some of the best universities worldwide, using the latest clinical research to provide the latest therapies and treat neurological disorders. 
We use the latest interventional neurological procedures like a temporary endovascular bypass to treat stroke, one of India’s leading causes of disability and death. Our neurologists also help to increase awareness about stroke, focusing on prevention and early intervention. Some diagnostic tools for treating neurological disorders include imaging tests like CAT and MRI scans, blood and urine tests, EEG, EMG, ENG, polysomnogram, evoked potentials, nerve or muscle biopsy, and ultrasound.
We are also one of the very few pediatric neurology hospitals in Nagercoil, diagnosing and treating children and adolescents with diseases of the nervous systems. Some conditions we diagnose and treat include head injuries, seizures, muscle weakness, ADHD, speech delays, and learning disabilities.

Conditions Treated at Calwin Neurology Hospital, Nagercoil:

Some of the Paediatric Neurological Conditions we treat:

Some of the services we Offer:


Find answers to all your questions and problems related to neurological disorders from the best neurologist in Nagercoil.
Mental status examination, cranial nerve examination, motor functions, gait, sensory function, reflex.

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