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Department of Nephrology

At Calwin Hospitals, we specialise in diagnosing and treating various kidney-related problems. Our team of experienced and renowned kidney disease experts provides comprehensive care to patients across the world. Our transplant facilities, state-of-the-art dialysis centre, and the latest medical devices make us one of the best kidney hospitals in Nagercoil. Some of the conditions treated by our nephrologists include kidney infections, nephrotic syndrome, nephritis, hydronephrosis, acute, sudden, or chronic renal failure, kidney, bladder, urethra cancers, and urine abnormalities.
Our urologists, kidney transplant specialists, and post-operative care experts assist the best nephrologist in Nagercoil in performing multiple life-saving procedures using the most advanced diagnostics and pre-operation evaluation. This helps us avoid surgical intervention and minimize post-operative chances of infection.
We have a modern dialysis centre that provides safe dialysis procedures to treat end-stage renal failure, constantly striving to make a difference in clinical outcomes for patients.

Different Treatments offered at Calwin Kidney Care Hospital, Nagercoil

We use modern technology and the latest equipment for various nephrology treatments, including continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), peritoneal dialysis, plasma dialysis, liver dialysis, and kidney transplant. Continuous renal replacement therapy is a form of dialysis where waste and water are gently removed and pumped through a haemofilter. Some of the medical procedures that our nephrologists specialise in include ultrasound, CT scan, biopsy, haemodialysis, and kidney transplant. Our experts supervise and handle all aspects of the treatment, including early intervention, dialysis support, and transplant. Your care and comfort are our top priorities; we ensure all our patients are treated with compassion and care.

Procedures & Treatment offered at Our Kidney Hospital in Nagercoil


Consult the best nephrologist in Nagercoil for answers to all your questions and doubts related to kidney-relation diseases and disorders.
Chronic Kidney Disease, Hyperkalemia, Metabolic Acidosis, Poisoning.

Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis.


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