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Department of General Surgery

Calwin Hospitals is a renowned general surgery hospital in Nagercoil, delivering all-inclusive healthcare using the latest surgical techniques and state-of-the-art clinical care. Our surgeons are experienced in dealing with a wide range of diseases and conditions requiring surgical management. We perform various surgical procedures for laparoscopic appendectomy, gastric bypass, diagnostic laparoscopy, general surgery for cyst removal, incision, abdominal surgery, haemorrhoidal surgery, hernia repair and hydrocele surgery, and gall bladder surgery. Our team also collaborates with other departments offering assistance for surgeries that need multiple specialists. They work with specialists in pancreatic and colorectal surgery, hepato-biliary, etc.
You can be assured of working with the best general surgeons in Nagercoil for various surgical procedures. Some of the surgeries we perform include:
Our skilled surgeons deal with various complicated surgical conditions using the latest surgical techniques to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. They are assisted by an excellent post-surgical team of post-operative nurses and allied health professionals who closely monitor the patient for a swift recovery. We also offer regular clinical consultation for common lifestyle issues and conditions like hernia, obesity, fissure, thyroid, appendicitis, etc. Our latest progressive techniques and facilities result in shorter hospital stays, making us the perfect general surgery hospital in Nagercoil.
We assure you’ll be treated by an experienced general surgeon in Nagercoil using laparoscopic procedures whenever possible. Laparoscopic procedures are minimally invasive and cause less operative discomfort, thereby ensuring shorter, quicker recovery and short hospital stays.

Why Choose Us?

The Department of General Surgery at Calwin Hospitals comprises of excellent surgeons, physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals. Every surgery is performed under the guidance of an experienced general surgeon in Nagercoil. At Calwin Hospitals, we aim to make your surgical experience as stress-free and easy as possible. We perform surgical procedures to treat diseases of the oesophagus, liver, gallbladder, bile duct, and thyroid glands.
With accreditations from leading agencies across the world and having performed thousands of surgeries to treat over ten thousand patients in over three locations, we can proudly claim to be the most dependable general surgery hospital in Nagercoil. Our medical practitioners have undertaken several pathbreaking medical procedures to improve patient outcomes and ensure a speedy recovery. With state-of-the-art facilities and an expert team of dedicated health professionals, we aim to become one of the largest healthcare providers in South Tamil Nadu.

Laparoscopy Treatments at Calwin Hospitals

At Calwin Hospitals, our best surgeons perform surgeries for various conditions to help you recover and lead a regular life faster. We specialise in the laparoscopy surgery approach, treating various subspecialties, including gynaecology, urology, and even performing bariatric operations. Laparoscopic operations reduce post-operative morbidities and are even considered safe for tumour removal surgeries. It minimizes the need for blood transfusions, reduces the risk of infections, and speeds up healing.

Laparoscopic Surgeries Performed at Calwin Hospitals


A cholecystectomy is a laparoscopic surgery to treat gallbladder stones and related complications. This relatively safe procedure involves removing the gallbladder but has a small risk of complications, including infection and bleeding.


An appendectomy is emergency surgery to remove an infected appendix. It can be performed as an open surgery or laparoscopy, depending on the situation. Laparoscopic surgery is less complicated, with shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery.

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

Laparoscopic hernia surgery is performed to treat inguinal hernias. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, wherein the surgeon inserts a laparoscope into the abdomen to identify the defect and perform the surgery.


This is a surgical procedure to remove a diseased or damaged spleen. Physicians recommend splenectomy to treat ruptured or enlarged spleens, blood disorders, cancer, or remove a cyst inside the spleen.

Laparoscopic Surgery For GERD

Acid Reflux or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease refers to heartburn that does not go away with medication or lifestyle changes. It is caused by severe inflammation of the oesophagus, narrowing of the oesophagus, and a change in the cells because of acid reflux. Laparoscopic surgery or fundoplication is performed to tighten the oesophagus, thereby preventing the stomach acids from backing up into the oesophagus.

Different Surgeries Performed at Calwin Hospitals

Breast Surgery

We are one of the few general surgery hospitals in Nagercoil offering different breast surgeries, including breast-conserving surgery and vacuum-assisted needle biopsy. Breast-conserving surgery, lumpectomy, or partial mastectomy, involves removing part of the breast with cancer, viz., the cancer lump and some breast tissues around the lump. Similarly, a vacuum-assisted needle biopsy is a minimally invasive procedure that helps predict the degree of disease in malignant tumours.

Colorectal Surgery

Colorectal surgery refers to various procedures that fix bowel, colon, rectum, and anus problems. It can treat IBS, colon and rectal cancer, and bowel blockage and may be necessary after an injury or wound. Most colorectal surgeries are high-risk procedures and could take around 1-3 hours.

GI/Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine surgeries treat various conditions, including Goitre, Graves’ Disease, Adrenal cancer, thyroid cancer, thyroid cyst, and obesity. Consult our surgical specialist in Nagercoil to take on complex endocrine problems that require experience and expertise.

Hernia Surgery

Hernia surgery is performed to treat an internal organ that protrudes through the muscle wall that usually contains it. There are different types of hernia, viz. open surgery, laparoscopic hernia, and robotic repair. Calwin Hospitals offers laparoscopic hernia repair surgery to ensure a quick recovery and less pain.

Vascular Surgery

Vascular surgery refers to procedures that treat diseases of the vascular system. Consult the best general surgeon in Nagercoil to successfully treat conditions like hyperlipidemia, stroke, and other vascular infections.


Find answers to all your surgery-related questions from a surgical specialist in Nagercoil.
Thyroidectomy, Hernioplasty, Appendectomy, Lap Cholecystectomy.
Heart Disease, Smoking, Hypertension, Bleeding Disorders, Obesity, COPD, Diabetes, Kidney Problems, Abuse of Alcohol and Illegal Drugs and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

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