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Calwin Hospitals is one of the best general care hospitals in Nagercoil, dealing with diagnosing, treating, managing, and preventing various diseases. Our general physicians attend to the hundreds of patients who visit every day, calmly listening to their symptoms and recommending tests and diagnostic procedures. The results from these tests are then analysed to determine a further course of action – i.e., patients are either treated or referred to a specialist for further treatment. We also have a 24×7 pharmacy to help patients find required medicines conveniently and at an affordable cost.

Why Should You First Visit A General Physician?

General physicians are the first medical point of contact for patients visiting a hospital for the first time. They specialise in general medicine and provide non-surgical care, treating various health problems, ranging from sore throat and fever to even diagnosing cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and endocrinological conditions. But unlike specialists, general physicians do not correct these conditions through surgery or other specialised treatments.
A general physician builds long-lasting relationships with patients by understanding their medical history, counselling them, and guiding them about their general wellbeing. General physicians provide preventive health screenings and monitor patients with diabetes, blood pressure, and other lifestyle diseases to help them manage their condition. In fact, most people do not wait until they are sick to visit a physician – routine visits help them stay on top of their health and catch diseases before they progress into something serious.
The Department of General Medicine at Calwin Hospitals is headed by a senior general physician in Nagercoil. Our GP is trained to recognize health changes and identify what’s going on when a patient suddenly starts experiencing symptoms.
When the patient’s condition requires further investigation or involvement of other health professionals, the general physician helps coordinate this by referring to a medical specialist or other allied health specialists like physiotherapists or psychologists.
General physicians have a broader scope of work – they treat a range of diseases, provide preventive care, and educate patients. They offer multiple therapy options and are better equipped to deal with complex conditions. But specialists are trained to diagnose and treat only one part of the organ and hence have a focused approach to problem-solving.
When you get sick, it is recommended you consult a GP at a general care hospital in Nagercoil. They’ll identify the problem and dispense medicines. If the GP cannot resolve the issue, or if you need further treatment, our team of specialists at Calwin Hospitals can provide a better diagnosis and treatment. Our physicians will guide you to a specialist doctor based on your condition and offer advice regarding treatment costs as well.

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Speak to the best general physician in Nagercoil for answers to all your questions related to general health and wellbeing.
All diseases do not require surgical intervention.
General physicians are the first responders.

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